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AANP Is 100,000 Members Strong!

But What Does This Really Mean for You and for the NP Role?

AANP’s mission is to empower all NPs to advance accessible, person-centered, equitable, high-quality health care for diverse communities through practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership. This is the AANP P.E.A.R.L.—and it is what guides us every day.

Below, hear from AANP’s leaders on how reaching 100,000 members directly impacts—and amplifies—activities in each of these P.E.A.R.L areas.

100,000 Solutions for Health Care

“As an NP, I’m excited by the growth of our profession. This milestone represents an opportunity for AANP to equip even more NPs with the tools and resources they need to continue providing high-quality health care in communities across the nation. Representing more than 100,000 NPs and NP students means that AANP has earned a seat at the table where important health care discussions are held and is an even more valuable partner to major health industry stakeholders and thought leaders.”

— Diane Padden, Vice President of Professional Practice & Partnerships

100,000 Partners Expanding our Knowledge Base

“Having the support of more than 100,000 members makes it possible for AANP to keep NPs like me on the leading edge of patient-centered health care with a variety of continuing education (CE) options ... for members at the AANP CE Center, conferences and other accredited CE programs. Equally important is the opportunity for AANP to represent NPs on panels, in joint initiatives and through collaborative efforts that have a significant impact on health care delivery in America.”

— Anne Norman, Vice President of Education & Accreditation

100,000 Voices on Capitol Hill

“There is strength in numbers, and this is especially true as AANP advocates for NPs and their patients on Capitol Hill. Passing the 100,000-member milestone amplifies The Voice of the Nurse Practitioner® and makes it resonate as we discuss critical health care issues with Members of Congress and their staff, as well as key governmental agencies and departments.”

— MaryAnne Sapio, Vice President of Federal Government Affairs

“AANP champions modernized laws and improved health policies for NPs in every state. We work to remove barriers and secure full and direct access to NP-provided quality health care across the country. Having the support of more than 100,000 members will bolster our efforts and help move the needle even closer to our target.”

— Tay Kopanos, Vice President of State Government Affairs

100,000 Champions Advancing Patient Care

“For the AANP Research Department, 100,000 members means 100,000 opportunities to participate in critical research and/or access resources related to the NP workforce. Whether we are engaging with members to assess the nuances of diagnostic coding or are providing data on salary and compensation to aid with employment negotiations, we recognize that the value of knowledge and scholarship to the NP community is greater when the number of NPs contributing is higher.”

— Christine Tracy, Vice President of Research