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Dermatology Specialty Practice Group

Engage, Learn, Network and Progress Practice in Dermatology

American Association of Nurse Practitioners - Dermatology SPG

If your health care focus is only skin deep, but your passion for your patients goes far deeper, the Dermatology Specialty Practice Group (SPG) is for you! This SPG offers a unique opportunity to interactively collaborate with colleagues who share interest or clinical expertise in dermatology. As an SPG member you’ll have access to a cutting-edge, online forum where you can engage in discussions, document sharing and knowledge exchange with fellow NPs. Come learn, share and help progress the development of theory and practice in dermatology.

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A Message From the Dermatology SPG Co-chairs

Leigh Ann Pansch, MSN, FNP-BC, DCNP

I am so excited for this opportunity to work with an organization and group so purposed toward furthering the reach, removing practice barriers, and promoting high-quality evidence-based education for Nurse Practitioners across the United States!

Jennifer Kaus, BS, MSN, FNP -BC, A PNP

Hello to all members of the Dermatology SPG group! I am honored and excited to join Leigh Ann as Co-chair for this amazing group of NPs. My hope is for us to continue to facilitate networking for NPs in dermatology, identify challenges facing our unique and talented group of providers, and to help foster professional development and education of dermatology NPs. By working together we have the ability to improve patient outcomes and dermatology NP roles. Your voice is important so join the conversation in the Dermatology SPG.

Dermatology SPG Forums

Join this growing SPG community and engage with other like-minded NPs with an interest in dermatology. Take part in interactive discussion and debate, gain support and explore Q&As and always be on top of the latest available news, education and information.

Dermatology SPG Details and Eligibility

  • Annual Dues: $20.
  • Available exclusively to current AANP members.
  • Open to all AANP members with dedication to, or interest in, dermatology, which focuses on the structure, function and diseases of the skin, hair and nails.