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Psych and Mental Health Specialty Practice Group

Engage, Learn, Network and Progress Practice in Psych and Mental Health

Mental illness is one of the largest health issues facing America, and nurse practitioners (NPs) must come together to be part of the solution. The Psych and Mental Health Specialty Practice Group (SPG) offers a unique opportunity to interactively collaborate with colleagues who share interest or clinical expertise in mental health. As an SPG member, you’ll have access to a cutting-edge, online forum where you can engage in discussions, document sharing and knowledge exchange with fellow NPs. Come learn, share and help progress the development of theory and practice in mental health.

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A Message From the Psych and Mental Health SPG Co-chairs


I am honored to be a Co-chair of the Psych and Mental Health SPG. This SPG has grown so much in the past few years, reflecting how our specialty is growing. There are new PMHNP programs all over the country. My area of interest and expertise is the integration of psychiatric mental health (PMH) into primary care. I practiced as a PMHNP in a federally qualified health center (FQHC) with patients of all ages for years, and I am now practicing in a large rural pediatric practice. I predict our SPG will continue to grow and be seen by all the AANP members as a valuable resource for practice. Persons with symptoms of mental distress or disorder are seen in all practice settings with patients of all ages. The members of this SPG have much to share with each other and all the members of AANP.


Hello all.

I am Susanne Fogger and I am looking forward to getting to know you as the new co-chair of the Psychiatric Specialty Interest Group. I have been a psychiatric NP for 20 years and a psych nurse since 1978. In addition, I have 12 years on active duty in the Air Force Nurse Corps, so I am a veteran as well. I am a clinical expert/educator in psychiatric and addictions nursing, and I have been at the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the past 10 years. I have a clinical practice taking care of individuals with HIV, substance use disorders and mental illness. I provide telemedicine for substance use and mental health disorders in persons living with HIV. In addition to pharmacotherapy, I provide counseling, motivational interviewing, and/or cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR when indicated. My practice is integrated into the Infectious disease clinic which support patients manage their chronic illness.

In my spare time, I enjoy growing orchids. I am attracted to color and consider myself a pastel artist. I enjoy cooking especially anything with shrimp.

The Psych SPG is ideal for sharing concerns and issues around professional and practice issues. With COVID-19, many of us are operating from home providing telemedicine visits and no longer have the mentoring and support of other practitioners in the day to day work.

I hope we can explore how to best support each other as peers and fellow psych NPs in this time of social distancing and isolation. I wholeheartedly believe there is “no health without mental health”.

Psych and Mental Health SPG Forums

Join this growing SPG community and engage with other like-minded NPs with an interest in psych mental health. Take part in interactive discussion and debate, gain support and explore Q&As and always be on top of the latest available news, education and information.

Psych and Mental Health SPG Details and Eligibility

  • Annual Dues: $20.
  • Available exclusively to current AANP members.
  • Open to all AANP members with specialty practice or interest in psych and mental health, particularly those with board certification.