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Established by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners in 2000, the Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP) program is dedicated to the global advancement of nurse practitioners (NPs) and the high-quality health care NPs deliver. By engaging recognized NP leaders who have made outstanding contributions to NP education, policy, clinical practice or research, and developing NP leaders of the future, FAANP is furthering the NP role while enhancing AANP's mission.

FAANP 2023-2024 Leadership

The FAANP is comprised of NP leaders from across the country, so it comes as a great honor with even greater expectations to be an Officer of FAANP or a member of a standing committee.

Meet the FAANP Leadership

Meet the Fellows

Learn more about the 962 Fellows and their contributions to the NP role by browsing their bios or watching FAANP videos.

Meet the Fellows

FAANP History

Discover how the FAANP began, its purpose and why it's such an important contributor to AANP and the NP role.

History of the FAANP

Fellows Programs and Initiatives

Whether it’s a research roundtable or strategizing think tank event, AANP Fellows explore innovative ways to advance the NP role. Explore papers, video modules and other work FAANP is engaged in to keep AANP members, Fellows and others informed and inspired.

Explore FAANP Initiatives

Induction Ceremony Information

The FAANP inducts new members each year at the AANP national conference. Here, you can find information about the induction ceremony and browse the programs from the past several years.

View Induction Information

FAANP Operating Guidelines

View the official charge of purpose, requirements for membership, rules for elections and everything else that governs how the FAANP functions.

View the FAANP Operating Guidelines


Do you have questions about the Fellows? Find answers here.

View the FAQ