Becoming a Fellow

Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

AANP Fellows are selected based on outstanding contributions to clinical practice, research, education or policy. Consideration of applying to become an AANP Fellow begins with a self-assessment, followed by securing an invitation by a Fellow who will sponsor your application process. Information is provided to assist NPs in determining if they are ready to pursue FAANP membership.

So You Want to be a Fellow?

Becoming a Fellow is more than submitting an application and some references. It begins with making an impact on the NP profession by writing and publishing articles, conducting research, developing clinical practice models, teaching innovations, and influencing health policy.

  • FAANP Application Overview

    To apply to become a FAANP member, an applicant must:

    • Have at least one year of continuous AANP membership as of August 1 of the application year and sustained during selection process.
    • Meet the selection criteria of demonstrated exceptional contributions and outcomes in two of the following areas: research, clinical practice, education or policy.
    • Secure an invitation to apply from a primary sponsor and an endorsement to apply from a secondary sponsor.

    The FAANP application opens every fall. The selection process is completed in the spring, when inductees are selected. However, the process to prepare for application should start at least a year before the application period.

    Supporting Evidence Examples

    Evidence supporting contributions in each of the four FAANP membership priority areas may include accomplishments such as the examples listed below. In all cases, quantifiable outcomes are critical in supporting the application:

    • Research Investigator led research, translational research and evaluative research with a focus on NPs and their practice. Extensive practice-based outcome research. Accomplishments documented could include the number of grants, awards, publications, and other dissemination activities.
    • Clinical Practice Development of models to influence population health, establishing community-based programs contributing to local community needs, entrepreneurial activities associated with program development or non-traditional practice sites, and influencing professional evidence-based practice standards.
    • Education Teaching innovations or presentations and curriculum development, or NP educational strategies influencing outcomes.
    • Policy Involvement in local, regional, national and international issues, including exemplary service to professional organizations, and interacting with policy or decision makers that affect health policy.
  • Securing a Sponsor

    An NP who believes he or she meets the FAANP membership criteria must be invited to apply by an AANP Fellow who will serve as a Primary Sponsor. To secure an invitation of sponsorship:

    • Research the Fellows Listing & Bios to identify those with similar expertise and/or geographic proximity.
    • Share your organized, accurate and up-to-date CV and supporting evidence with potential sponsors, with the goal of having an opportunity to explore their potential sponsorship of your application and/or providing recommendations on strengthening your evidence.
  • Resources

    Learn more about what it takes to be an AANP Fellow with the following resources and tips.

  • FAQ

    How do I apply?

    Applications and information about the Fellow's program are on the website, please read all pages to become familiar with the requirements. The entire process is online. Emailed or snail mailed applications will not be accepted.

    Do I need to hold national certification to apply for Fellows?

    It is a professional responsibility and a quality indicator to maintain national certification as a nurse practitioner. Special circumstances can be discussed with sponsors.

    How do I nominate a colleague for the fellowship?

    Only AANP Fellows may nominate a NP. The application requires the commitment of two Fellows. One is designated the primary sponsor and the other is the secondary fellows sponsor. The primary sponsor takes the lead from start to finish ensuring all materials are reviewed with the candidate before submission.

    How many NPs can a fellow nominate each year?

    Each Fellow may only nominate one NP as Primary and one as Secondary annually.

    How do I find a sponsor (s)?

    Sponsors need to have firsthand knowledge of the accomplishments of applicants. One way to find a sponsor is to begin with an AANP mentorship program. Many fellows work with prospective nurse practitioners early in their career and guide them in the leadership learning process.

    Do I need to be a member of AANP to apply for the Fellowship?

    You must have at least one year of continuous AANP membership as of August 1 of the application year and sustained during selection process.

    How does the application process work?

    Applying to Fellows is a three-step process:

    • Self Assessment: Do a self assessment to determine if you are ready to meet the stringent criteria for fellows. Meet and discuss your strengths for application with the two fellows who wish to sponsor you.
    • Submission: The Primary sponsor initiates the invitation and submits your name to the AANP Fellows office. Once notified a unique web address link will be provided to upload the CV and complete the application online before the deadline. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.
    • Review: Members of the selection committee are assigned to review application materials. It is a detailed and lengthy process to vet every applicant. The full committee reviews all applications at the winter meeting. The applicants will be notified after the committee decisions are finalized.

    May a first year fellow sponsor an applicant?

    It is advisable to be a fellow for a minimum of one year prior to sponsoring an applicant.

    What is the responsibility of the applicant?

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to present evidence of excellence in two of the areas selected. The evidence must clearly identify achievements throughout their NP career that exceed the expectations of their positions and job descriptions.

    What is the responsibility of the sponsor?

    The sponsor will present a supporting statement for the applicant that they have invited to apply for the fellowship. The sponsor must be aware first hand of the applicant’s achievements.

    May I use abbreviations and acronyms in the application since the word count is limited?

    Abbreviations and acronyms may not be universal and can lead to confusion.

    What are considered significant contributions in a focus area?

    Contributions include what you have done to impact the role of nurse practitioners, AANP or patient care. It is important to identify the significance and scope of the accomplishments and contributions. View this PowerPoint.

    Do I list my grants and research funding?

    In identifying grants and research the applicant must write to the scope, significance, outcome and impact of the research and list any related publications.

    What are the commitments for active fellows?

    Two meetings a year, read the materials and announcements, participate in work groups, and submit contributions to AANP and the Fellows newsletter for publication. Fellows are expected to continue the work of leadership and mentorship and participate as role models.

    What other AANP activities are linked to Fellowship?

    A standing invitation is extended to all Fellows to attend the Regional Meetings.

    Does it matter how far back I go in my career to find examples to use in my focus areas?

    There is no timeline on the number of years of NP experience required to apply for Fellowship, however the examples must detail only your NP experience, and not RN or other career markers. We realize some examples of exemplar NP situations may be at least 50 years old! Examples of your work should meet the criteria you identified and the significant role contributing to your achievements in your career.

    May I reapply if I am not accepted into the fellowship?

    Nominees have many outstanding accomplishments; however, the listed accomplishments may fall short of the goal of describing the significant exemplar achievements for one or both of the focus areas as ranked by the committee members. The sponsor(s) are notified initially and the applicant will receive a letter signed by the Chair of the Fellows and Chair of the Selection Committee. With your sponsors input, you may choose to revise and resubmit your application in a subsequent year.