FAANP Mentorship Program

Preparing the Next Generation of NP Leaders

The FAANP Mentorship Program connects motivated, less-experienced NPs with Fellows who are both leaders in their field and willing to share their expertise to promote the career development of others. Whether you’re interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, we invite you to discover the mutually rewarding benefits of FAANP mentorship.

The FAANP Mentorship Program is unavailable at this time. If you would like to receive notification once the program is available, please email mentorship@aanp.org.

About the FAANP Mentorship Program

The FAANP Mentorship Program is a one-year program in which applicants with well-defined goals are matched with an AANP Fellow volunteer who serves as a mentor in working toward this goal. Mentee-mentor dyads as paired based on subject matter, rather than geography. Each pair will have an opportunity to meet during a mentorship orientation meeting during the AANP National Conference and afterwards will work remotely by phone or email.

Founded in 2006, the FAANP Mentorship Program is grounded in the belief that mentorship should:

  • Mutually benefit both the mentee and mentor
  • Focus on helping and guiding toward professional goals
  • Involve time, energy, initiative and follow-through to be successful
  • Involve mentors as generous learning brokers
  • Involve mentees committed to achieving defined objectives

Since its founding, the FAANP Mentorship Program has contributed to significant achievements in programs related to health policy, research, program development, publication and presentation skills and leadership.

Application Information and Documents

  • Eligibility Requirements
    • Must be a current AANP member in good standing
    • Must not be in student status
    • Must attend mentorship orientation at the AANP National Conference
  • Accepted Project Areas
    • Policy and Advocacy
    • Education
    • Practice
  • Program Details
    • You will be expected to attend AANP's national conference to meet your mentor and establish the pattern of the mentorship process that will last for the year.
    • Short, periodic interim reports of progress will be expected 2-3 times during the mentorship. Instructions will be sent to the mentee via email. It is expected that these brief updates will be developed collaboratively by the mentee and mentor.
    • You will be expected to design and present a poster describing the achievement of your objectives during the AANP National Conference at the end of your mentorship period.
    • You and your mentor commit to clear and growth-producing communication.
    • No remuneration will be required to the mentor for the services provided.
    • This program is not a preparation or to be considered a pathway to achieving Fellowship in AANP.
  • Application Documents

    Application documents can be found here during the application period each March. Pieces that must be submitted include:

    • Mentorship Application – area of development, three objectives
    • NP Professional Reference Supporting Statement (one per applicant)

    Contact mentorship@aanp.org for questions about the program or the application process.