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Together, NPs Can!

Together NPs Can!

No one represents nurse practitioners (NPs) like the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP)

AANP tirelessly represents NPs in state capitals and our nation’s capital — fighting to remove barriers and ensure patients have full and direct access to NP-delivered care. Your daily practice has been positively impacted by these victories, and today, NPs can:

  • Prescribe life-saving medication to treat opioid use disorder.
  • Certify and recertify home health care services for Medicare and Medicaid patients — and oversee their plans of care.
  • Practice to the full extent of their education and clinical training within the Veterans Health Administration.
  • Supervise diagnostic testing for Medicare patients.
  • Certify a borrower’s total or permanent disability to discharge a federal student loan, beginning on July 1.
  • Provide patient care with Full Practice Authority (FPA) in 27 states, plus the District of Columbia, and counting!

There are more victories on the horizon, and AANP wants you to be part of them. We are stronger when we are together!

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Join AANP Today

AANP is working hard in Washington, D.C. — and across the nation — taking a stand for you and your patients, championing the high-quality care you provide. Join AANP’s effort to modernize laws and increase access to NPs.

  • Improving Care and Access to Nurses (ICAN) Act — The ICAN Act would increase access to health care services for patients across the country by removing outdated federal barriers to care.
  • Advancing Policy at the State Level — AANP works to secure state-level policies that modernize NP licensure, recognize NP signature on patient care forms, shape public health and create equitable and sustainable reimbursement. In just the last three years, AANP has helped five states secure FPA and has worked to pass dozens of bills across the country that removed barriers to NP-delivered care.

By joining today, you are strengthening the NP voice!

Save 15% when you join AANP now using the code NPsCan.
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