Specialty Practice Groups


What are Specialty Practice Groups (SPGs)? Should I join?

Why should I participate?

SPG offer unique, interactive opportunities to collaborate with colleagues who share a common area of clinical expertise. Your active involvement in discussions, document sharing and knowledge exchange is valuable to other nurse practitioners and the development of theory and practice in SPG fields.

What groups are currently available?

AANP's Specialty Practice Group program currently contains 12 groups. 

Acute Care
Convenient / Acute Care
Independent Practice
Pain Management
Psych Mental Health

Will there be other SPG in the future?

AANP is excited about the possibility of expanding SPG offerings.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with suggestions regarding focus areas for SPG you would be interested in joining.

Are there costs associated with SPG participation?

SPG are only $20 each annually, prorated to your remaining membership term. 

Are the SPG moderated?

Yes. AANP encourages open dialogue among SPG members. Occasionally, inappropriate comments or documents may be posted, or content may accidentally be posted outside the optimal location. The SPG Chair and supporting staff monitor the site and conduct any maintenance required to ensure the site is organized and professional. AANP reserves the right to remove any content it finds inappropriate.

I want to get involved. How do I join?

Existing AANP members may log into MyAANP to join one or more SPGs.  If you are not a current AANP member, join today, and include one or more SPGs with your membership. 

I've joined an SPG. How do I get started?

members Members get more! Log in to see more content. Not a member? Join now.