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If your health care focus is only skin deep, but your passion for your patients goes far deeper, the Dermatology Specialty Practice Group (SPG) is for you! This SPG offers a unique opportunity to interactively collaborate with colleagues who share interest or clinical expertise in dermatology. As an SPG member you’ll have access to a cutting-edge, online forum where you can engage in discussions, document sharing and knowledge exchange with fellow NPs. Come learn, share and help progress the development of theory and practice in dermatology.

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A Message From the Dermatology SPG Co-chairs

Emily Reynolds, BA, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, DCNP

Dermatology is an amazing specialty to be a part of. As a medical dermatology provider, I often hear that we transform lives and improve quality of life for patients who have suffered with lifelong chronic skin diseases. This aspect of my patient care is the most rewarding and heart warming. I am excited to serve as the Co-chair of the Dermatology Specialty Practice Group and interact with other nurse practitioners (NPs) practicing dermatology, or those who have an interest in the field, who desire to elevate the standard of care for their patients. I look forward to sharing research articles and clinical guidelines as well as discussing practice pearls.

Peggy Vernon, RN, MA, C-PNP, DCNP, FAANP

The consequences of skin disease are more than skin deep. The psychological effects of skin disease can last long after the disease has been treated, has been cleared or is in remission. Skin disease is one of the few diseases that is visible for the whole world to see. Patients with skin disease experience higher rates of depression, addiction, suicide and social isolation. As dermatology SPG co-chair, it is a privilege to work with members sharing strategies for treating dermatology patients with acceptance, compassion, empathy and encouragement. All NPs see patients with skin disorders in one form or another. We welcome you to join the Dermatology SPG!

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Join this growing SPG community and engage with other like-minded NPs with an interest in dermatology. Take part in interactive discussion and debate, gain support and explore Q&As and always be on top of the latest available news, education and information.

Dermatology SPG Details and Eligibility

  • Annual Dues: $20.
  • Available exclusively to current AANP members.
  • Open to all AANP members with dedication to, or interest in, dermatology, which focuses on the structure, function and diseases of the skin, hair and nails.