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Welcome to AANP

Welcome to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) — A vibrant, professional community of nurse practitioners (NPs) more than 121,000 strong!

Your employer, Optum Care Services, is providing you with a one-year AANP membership as a valuable employee benefit. There are countless benefits that come with being a member of AANP, endless ways to get involved and many things to learn about your new association. Here are a few things you can do right now to get started:

  • 1. Learn Why AANP Stands for NPs and Patients.

    AANP's mission is to empower all NPs to advance accessible, person-centered, equitable, high-quality health care for diverse communities through practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership. This mission means:

    • Leading the fight at Capitol Hill to remove barriers and secure full and direct access to NP services.
    • Serving as The Voice of the Nurse Practitioner® to advance the NP role, strengthen our profession and positively impact the health of this country.
    • Creating top-quality continuing education (CE) programs and practice resources that NPs need.
    • Developing the next generation of NP leaders and a strong, unified national NP community.
  • 2. Be on the Lookout for Information From AANP.
    • E-Bulletin: This weekly newsletter is sent to your email inbox every Thursday and includes the latest association news and updates.
    • AANP SmartBrief: SmartBrief delivers aggregated health care-related articles from national media sources straight to your inbox every weekday.
    • Government Affairs Update: Every Monday, this email delivers the latest news on the legislative issues affecting NPs, our patients and NP practice.
    • AANP News Feed: AANP articles about practice, education and advocacy are posted regularly on the AANP website in the blog-style News Feed section. Visit the News Feed to see all the stories.
  • 3. Access Your Two Free Journal Subscriptions.
  • 4. Plan to Network at AANP Events.

    Don't miss out on the biggest NP events of the year, including AANP national conferences, fall conferences, online conferences and many more opportunities to learn, network and meet other NPs.

    View Current Opportunities

  • 5. Know About the Issues for Which NPs Are Fighting.

    Connect with your representatives and take action at the AANP Advocacy Center.

    AANP's Federal Advocacy

    Federal legislation has a direct impact on the NP role — and the patients they serve. That’s why AANP's legislative team represents NPs and their patients on critical issues related to licensure, access to care, patient safety, health care reform, reimbursement and other concerns.

    Federal Advocacy

    AANP's 2022 State Policy Priorities:

    1. Modernize state licensure laws.
    2. Streamline care delivery with NP signature recognition.
    3. Support flexible, sustainable reimbursement and care delivery models.
    4. Build and support public health.

    State Advocacy

  • 6. Become Familiar With Your AANP Member Benefits.

    From unyielding advocacy to valuable discounts and exclusive networking opportunities, AANP member benefits support you in all areas of practice and throughout your career so that you can focus on what you do best — providing an unparalleled level of care to your patients. This includes:

    • Advocacy for your practice and the greater NP role.
    • A comprehensive library of quality CE activities for NPs of all specialties and experience levels — with significantly reduced rates for AANP members.
    • Exclusive discounts and savings.
    • Timely and relevant information.
    • So much more!

    Explore All Member Benefits

  • 7. Help AANP Get to Know You.

    Update your AANP profile information to ensure you always have the latest news about your state, keep up with relevant information based on your interests and receive any important communications mailed by AANP.

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