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AANP Responds to American Airlines Incident

To Doug Parker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, American Airlines Group Inc.,

It has come to my attention that an in-flight health emergency occurred on one of your recent flights. A licensed nurse practitioner (NP) and member of our organization, immediately responded to the crew’s urgent request for assistance to treat a passenger in distress. In order to treat the passenger, the NP required access to the on-board medical kit. However, your flight crew informed this highly-trained and licensed NP that only a blood pressure cuff and a stethoscope could be provided. It was stated that company policy was the sole reason why adequate and available resources could not be provided to this NP volunteering to assist a passenger in need.

Upon further inquiry, the NP was informed that your company’s policy only allows certain health care professionals access to your aircraft’s medical kits in emergency situations. This policy specifically prevents NPs as well as physician assistants from access to certain equipment, including defibrillators, to provide emergency care.

Given the many heroic stories of health care professionals, numerous NPs among them, saving lives aboard airline flights, it is my sincerest hope to clarify your company’s policy and engage in a deeper conversation to explore strategies to ensure health care providers, including NPs and physician assistants, are given the necessary tools to provide appropriate and necessary emergency care to American Airlines’ passengers while in flight.

While the circumstances surrounding this emergency may be unique, we view this as an opportunity to look at the bigger issue of passenger safety and work proactively toward a solution aligned with current health care trends and the clinical training and expertise of NPs to assist in similar emergencies.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter, and I look forward to your response


Joyce Knestrick, PhD, APRN, CFNP, FAANP

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