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FAANP: Calling All Leaders and Mentors

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Hear from Mary Jo Goolsby, EdD, MSN, NP-C, a Fellow of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP), on one channel the Fellows use to share their insight and expertise.

The actions of leaders and mentors are broad. However, the dissemination of perspective and information are ways in which both leaders and mentors contribute to the professional growth of others. "The Fellows Speak" column in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP) provides FAANP members with a unique avenue through which to inform JAANP readers of topics important to nurse practitioners (NPs) and their practice.

"The Fellows Speak" column was revived in early 2018 and is a recurring special feature of JAANP. Each column, written by an AANP Fellow, informs readers of issues, trends and factors impacting the NP role and/or professional responsibilities and related strategies to promote stewardship of the NP role. This broad purpose was chosen to provide opportunities for Fellows to share their reflections on current issues; content is informed by their experiences, knowledge and expertise in NP practice, policy, research, and education. The column publishes thoughtful, scholarly discussions of topics with informed synthesis and/or opinion on the Fellows’ topics.

The following table depicts the broad ranges of topics published, to date, by FAANP members. We appreciate and applaud these contributors and invite all Fellows to consider contributing to the column.

Author; Publication Date

Column Title

Sophia Riviere; March 2018Hurricane Katrina: A Nurse Practitioner’s Experience
Madrean Schober; April 2018Global Emergence of Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Roles
Leslie Davis; May 2018Listening to Stories From Women With Heart Disease: My Experience as a Nurse Practitioner
Barbara Resnick; June 2018From Clinical Work to Dissemination of Interventions
Jane Tuttle; July 2018Stewarding the Nurse Practitioner Role in Interdisciplinary Education
Gale Adcock; August 2018Aim High, Shoot Often
Theresa Campo; September 2018Fostering Leadership Through the Changing Practice of the Emergency Nurse
Practitioner Specialty
Linda Herrman and Mary Brennan; October 2018Hakuna Matata: Our Experiences as Invited International Nurse Practitioner Consultants in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Jessica Peck; November 2018Human Trafficking: How Nurse Practitioners Can Help End Modern Day Slavery
Tonja Hartjes; December 2018Academic Nursing Scholarship Redefined
Judy Berg and Susan Ruppert; January 2019Foster Protection and Promotion of Professional NP Role: A Call to Action
Susan Smith, Laima Karosas and Michelle Beauchesne; February 2019Preparing for the Transition From Clinical Practice to Academia
Winifred Quinn; March 2019Winning Strategies for Full Access to Care
Nancy Dirubbo; May 2019Words Matter: Thoughts After the Winter AANP Fellows Meeting
Heather Meissen; July 2019Nurse Practitioner Residency and Fellowship Programs: The Controversy Still Exists
Tonja Hartjes; August 2019

Answering the Question: Is the Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Nursing Practice Right for Me?

Abigail Marter Yablonsky, Whitney W. Brock, Allyson E. Whalen, Kristal C. Melvin and Janice Agazio; October 2019

Finding the Evidence: Screening of Military Family Research, 2014–2017

Mary Koslap-Petraco, November 2019Vaccine Hesitancy: Not a New Phenomenon, but a New Threat
Jaibun K. Earp, December 2019A Tree With Deep Roots: 54th Anniversary of Nurse Practitioners
Brett Snodgrass, January 2020Opioid Crisis: Placing Blame or Fixing the Problem

"The Fellows Speak" column is highly read. In fact, Nancy Dirubbo’s Words Matter article is ranked as among JAANP articles receiving the highest attention, in spite having been published only months ago! Upcoming topics include addressing vaccine hesitancy as well as resources to promote military family health care. All columns undergo peer review by members of the committee. If you have questions, please reach out to one of us. The committee members are:

  • Nancy Dirubbo, column reviewer.
  • Gary Laustsen, column reviewer.
  • Debra Hain, column reviewer.
  • Leslie Taub, column reviewer.
  • Pat Kelley, column reviewer.
  • Mary Jo Goolsby, column editor.

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This article first appeared in the FAANP Forum, Vol. X, Issue 3, in September 2019 and has been updated with new "The Fellows Speak" articles. Thank you to Mary Jo Goolsby for her invaluable assistance!