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Five New Ways to Engage, Learn, Network and Progress Practice With AANP


Five new Specialty Practice Groups (SPGs) are now available for members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP).

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have been providing primary, acute and specialty health care to patients of all ages and walks of life for more than half a century. As an NP, you can hold a number of specialties—including family practice, pediatrics, women’s health, psychiatric/mental health and more—but you probably also have wide-ranging interests in many professional, technological and therapeutic areas.

Designed to support discussion around 17 different topics, each of AANP’s Specialty Practice Groups (SPGs) maintains a dedicated online forum that allows you to connect with like-minded colleagues, share information and advance practice in these key areas.

AANP Announces New SPGs for 2019

Whether you are interested in writing code and building apps, are looking to use expanded technologies or want to learn how emerging technology can help you deliver better care, the Health Informatics and Telehealth SPG can help you manage, analyze and adopt new trends in health care information. Join this SPG to expand beyond electronic health records (EHRs) and learn how technology can assist you manage the health of your patients.

As our world has become ever more connected, the role of the advanced practice nurse (APN) has expanded to include providing care to multicultural populations, both in the U.S. and internationally. NPs, in particular, have been found to establish culturally sensitive partnerships with patients, encourage self-advocacy, address contextual considerations and adjust practices to meet patients’ needs. By joining the International SPG, you’re able to connect and exchange ideas with others interested in international advanced practice issues.

Neurology is an exciting and challenging field, and one that is rapidly growing with new treatments and discoveries. The Neurology SPG offers an online peer group, where you can work to address challenges, engage in discourse and discuss practice trends with others interested in neurological and neurosurgical conditions.

The Occupational and Environmental SPG can be relevant to nearly all NPs who study how the environment and workplace hazards impact human health. Occupational and environmental health professionals are increasing in demand due to a number of health threats, such as air pollution, food contaminations and viral outbreaks. Members of this SPG keep up with the latest news and education and can play a large role in advocating for the health of patients worldwide.

Take part in interactive discussion and debate; ask questions or offer your insight; and always be on top of the latest available news, education and information in the Pulmonary and Sleep SPG. Chronic pulmonary disorders often are associated with sleep disorders, which can result in reduced quality of life and worsened symptoms. This SPG is dedicated to advancing evidence-based practice to help patients breathe easy and find a good night’s rest.

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SPGs at #AANP19

Get ready for a week of continuing education (CE), hands-on workshops, networking and exciting events with thousands of your colleagues and health care leaders at the 2019 AANP National Conference (#AANP19). Hosted in Indianapolis June 18–23, this is the largest conference for NPs of all specialties—and one you won’t want to miss! With a Welcome Reception at the Indianapolis Zoo and four citywide tours, there are more ways than ever before to explore and learn alongside your fellow NPs.

Select your sessions, prepare your personal events schedule and join the SPG meetings on Wednesday, June 19, 10–11 a.m. You do not have to be a current SPG member to participate in these meetings or to gain CE credit*, so take advantage of this opportunity to delve deeper into an area of interest and collaborate with your fellow NPs at conference. Be sure to stop by the Professional Practice Booth in the Exhibit Hall this year, where the SPG chairs and co-chairs will be available during select times.

Join an SPG

Register for #AANP19

*To gain CE credit for the SPG meetings, you must attend the full session of any one SPG community. If you are interested in exploring multiple communities during this time, you may do so; however, you will not be able to claim credit.