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National Obesity Care Week™: Increasing Access to Care

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Discover how you can support your patients with obesity through proper weight management and the elimination of weight bias in health care.

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) is a proud champion of National Obesity Care Week (NOCW) and believes that everyone should have access to health care that is not limited by one’s size, weight or economic status. The fifth annual NOCW continues through September 21 and aims to improve access to comprehensive obesity care.

Obesity remains a concern within the United States, affecting more than one-third of U.S. adults in 2015 – 2016. Obesity is also associated with a host of comorbidities, including diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea and certain types of cancer. That said, even modest weight loss, within the range of 5% to 10%, can improve health-related outcomes.

As health care providers in primary care, endocrinology, weight management and other specialty areas, nurse practitioners (NPs) can play a key role in establishing weight-loss targets and implementing weight-loss programs. Join with AANP this NOCW to ensure patients with excess weight or obesity are able to access high-quality care without barriers and are treated with the dignity and respect all patients deserve.

Educational and Practice Resources From AANP

These courses on obesity and weight management are now available at the AANP CE Center, which has hundreds of courses that are free for AANP members to access.

  • Introductory Certificate of Obesity Management in Primary Care (Modules 1–7): This seven-module course is designed to provide NPs with the most current, evidence-based information for the patient-centered management of obesity. Focusing on developing expertise and incorporating that knowledge into clinical practice, the course can help you work with patients to achieve and maintain optimal weight, reduce obesity-related complications and improve quality of life. Topics include patient evaluations, lifestyle interventions, pharmacologic treatment, bariatric surgery and much more. Once completed, you will receive an Introductory Certificate of Obesity Management in Primary Care from AANP.
  • Nutrition: The Function of Food and Its Role in Obesity Management: As an NP, it’s important that you are not only aware of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans but also how different diets and foods can impact the body. This course, which offers 1.25 contact hours of CE, will help you stay updated on new “fad” diets, explore the clinical evidence behind various diets and be able to explain weight loss and weight maintenance fundamentals to your patients.
  • Reducing Barriers to Treatment—Billing, Bias & Advocacy: When patients face stigmatization from their health care providers, it can lead to patients missing appointments and a lack of adequate care. Learn to recognize and stop weight bias in your practice with this course and gain 1.25 contact hours of CE. This course offers insight on how you can deliver health care with sensitivity and better advocate for the health of those patients with obesity.

Visit AANP’s Obesity and Weight Management Therapeutic Area for additional information for your practice, including:.

  • Pharmacological Clinician Resources: Explore various pharmacological agents, from Lorcaserin to Phentermine, that can have an affect on appetite, metabolism and energy.
  • Patient Education Tool: Developed by expert NPs to help you educate your patients who may be overweight or obese, the Let’s Talk: Weight & Your Well-being flipchart can be used to engage in visual teaching and encourage patients’ active participation in their weight management plan. There is also an accompanying patient handout that includes key highlights from the flipchart and dedicated space for the patient’s health plan information and medications.
  • Obesity Specialty Practice Group (SPG): Consider joining the Obesity SPG, a community dedicated to weight management and the disease of obesity. As a member, you’ll have exclusive access to an online forum, where NPs within the field share insight, documents and important guidelines.

Resources From NOCW

Cardiometabolic CE at the 2019 AANP Fall Conference

Cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) is a widely recognized syndrome inclusive of a combination of metabolic dysfunctions, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension and obesity. Examine the most current evidence, treatment modalities across the spectrum and new developments in disease identification—all on the iconic Las Vegas Strip—at the 2019 AANP Fall Conference!

Sessions include topics such as:

  • Statin & Non-statin Therapies for the Management of Cholesterol: An Update on the 2018 Guidelines
  • Addressing Obesity Complications and Obesity Pharmacology
  • Best Evidence for Intensive Lifestyle Interventions to Treat Obesity
  • Cardiovascular Risk in the Diabetic Patient
  • And more!

Don’t miss your chance to earn up to 21 hours of CE credit October 10­–13 at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino with hundreds of your NP colleagues.

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