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Partnering to Address Electronic Cigarette-related Lung Conditions


Electronic cigarettes and vaping devices have risen in popularity in recent years, but additional research is needed into the safety of these products. Read on to see how nurse practitioners (NPs) are helping to lead the charge.

As of September 24, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had received reports of 805 cases of lung injury associated with the use of e-cigarettes or vaping devices. In addition, 12 deaths have been confirmed, but no consistent e-cigarette or vaping device, substance or additive has been identified in all cases. There is some evidence that THC may play a role in the outbreak, but investigation into these occurrences is ongoing.

In response, the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state and local health departments and other clinical and public health partners are investigating this multistate outbreak.

In collaboration with the CDC and these partners, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) will be working to identify solutions to this timely issue. AANP’s Pulmonary and Sleep Specialty Practice Group (SPG) Co-chair Nanette Alexander DNP, APRN, ANP-BC, FAANP, will be participating in discussions regarding the clinical and pathologic picture of this outbreak to help AANP and all NPs better understand and characterize the clinical syndrome and pathologic findings.

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This is your venue for discussing clinical trends and challenging issues—including the current e-cigarette– or vaping-related pulmonary conditions. Stay on the front lines of health care for your patients by joining the discussion today!

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