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Removing Barriers to Nurse Practitioner (NP) Care in Massachusetts

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A new Boston Globe Editorial supports Full Practice Authority in Massachusetts.

Standing for both patients and high-quality, affordable care, the Editorial Board of the Boston Globe is calling for Full Practice Authority for NPs in a recently published article.

Read the Editorial at Boston Globe

In December 2019, the Boston Globe published an article discussing the current status of NP practice in Massachusetts. State law currently restricts patient access to NP care, and state licensure law requires physician supervision for at least one element of NP practice.

According to the December article, “The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission, a state agency that studies health care costs, examined the issue this year and determined that removing restrictions on nurse practitioners would probably expand access to primary care. The commission’s report noted that the national supply of nurse practitioners is growing more quickly than that of physicians.”

The new editorial also notes that the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission “recommended the state ‘amend scope of practice laws that are restrictive and not evidence-based,’” as they may present a barrier to cost-effective health care.

Read the Editorial at Boston Globe

NP Legislation: Advocating to Remove Federal Barriers

Carry the NP advocacy momentum into 2020 by engaging with your elected officials and their staff! Your voice is being heard in Massachusetts and Washington D.C.

Visit the AANP Advocacy Center to send your message:

  • Find and Email Your Massachusetts State Legislators in Support of Full Practice Authority in Massachusetts.
  • Respond to CMS’s Request for Feedback on NP Scope of Practice.
  • Authorize NPs to Certify Their Patients' Eligibility for Home Health Services.
  • Support Improved Medicare Patient Access to Needed Diabetic Shoes.
  • Authorize NP Patient Inclusion in Shared Savings ACOs.
  • Support Access for Patients Who Need Cardiac Rehabilitation Services.

Take Action at the Advocacy Center