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This January, All Are Invited to Read the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP)

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The Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP) is the scholarly journal for members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) and others who share an interest in the nurse practitioner (NP) role.

Each regular, monthly issue of the journal includes a mix of clinical, educational and policy topics. The journal focuses on new research, educational innovations in NP programs, policy analyses and other original works. It also publishes occasional case studies that are of broad interest to NPs. There are two regular columns: The "Fellows Speak" highlights perspectives of AANP Fellows, and "Unraveling the Genome" provides in-depth information on the clinical application of genetic and genomic advances.

Each year in January, the first issue of JAANP is open to the public so that NPs and others who are not AANP members can read full-text articles and better understand why JAANP is such a valuable member benefit. Get a sneak peek into JAANP by reviewing the highlights below, and read the January 2020 issue today!

2019 Highlights From JAANP

In 2019, the monthly issues of JAANP included several articles with an international focus. Countries represented included Canada, Jordan, Taiwan and Tanzania, along with multinational settings. These articles are reflective of international interest in the role of the advanced practice nurse.

The use of information technology in clinical practice was also a popular topic in the journal. Clinical decision tools, smartphone apps and electronic tools for patient education were highlighted in articles that readers found helpful. Telehealth was also a topic of growing interest.

Two issues of JAANP were planned around special themes last year. In August, current professional issues impacting NPs were featured, including scope of practice and professional regulation, among others. In November, the issue was devoted to NP education, with a focus on new techniques in teaching as well as clinical education.

Subject matter in the journal regularly includes primary care and all NP specialties, with 2019 articles covering workforce topics and policy that directly impacts NP care and the NP role alongside articles of interest to those who care for special populations.

Read the January 2020 Issue of JAANP

Open for All in January ... Become a Member to Access JAANP Throughout 2020

Did you know that AANP members receive a free online subscription to JAANP, plus a discount on the journal’s AANP-accredited continuing education (CE)?

If you are not yet a member of AANP, or you know someone who would benefit from membership, the January 2020 issue presents a great opportunity to experience JAANP’s peer-reviewed articles and get a jump start on earning your CE.

Become a member of AANP to access JAANP all year-round!