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NPO Membership Application

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The organization information will be publicly available in the AANP online NP Organization Member Directory.
Organization Name is required
Organization Phone is required
Organization Address Line 1 is required
Organization Email is required and must be in the format
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Periodicals and other membership correspondence will be addressed to the person and address listed below.
Primary Contact Name / Title is required
Primary Contact Phone is required
Primary Contact Address Line 1 is required
Primary Contact Email is required and must be in the format
Primary Contact City is required
Primary Contact State is required
Primary Contact Zip Code is required
To be eligible to apply, your organization must consist of five or more NPs and support the AANP mission.
Select the size of your organization for the appropriate annual dues:
Total Number of Individuals in Your Organization is required
Additional Contacts (Optional)
Additional NPO contacts will have access to the NPO resource page.
Email must be in the format
Email must be in the format
NP Organization membership is subject to approval. Benefits and pricing are subject to change without prior notice. Dues are nonrefundable.