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AANP Resources by Therapeutic Area

Continuing Eduation Courses

The AANP CE Center offers a wide variety of continuing education (CE) activities for nurse practitioners (NPs). Members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners get more, including access to many free activities and significantly discounted rates on others. The activities are updated frequently, and many gastroenterology-related options are currently available.

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NP Tools and Resources

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Making Sure Your Patients Are Up to Date

This handout is designed to support NPs as they navigate the shared clinical decision-making process with their patients who are considering and undergoing colorectal cancer screenings. The tool can guide patients on the next steps and what to expect before and after the screening test.

This tool is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Exact Sciences Corporation.

Diagnosing and Managing Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI): The Role of the NP

EPI is a condition caused by damage to the pancreas that results in reduced capability to produce or deliver digestive enzymes which break down fats, carbohydrates or proteins — or to a decrease in the enzyme activity in the small intestine. EPI is most commonly associated with chronic pancreatitis (in adults), cystic fibrosis (in children), diabetes (both type 1 and type 2) and other etiologies such as acute pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer or resection, celiac and Crohn’s disease. Consequently, individuals with EPI may suffer malnutrition and fat-soluble vitamin deficiency; loss of bone mass; growth and immune deficiencies; and may experience poorer outcomes such as longer hospital stays and lower survival rates of underlying medical conditions secondary to malnutrition. This tool provides resources that include evaluation of symptoms and common high-risk conditions, diagnostic testing and management goals combining diet, lifestyle and therapies to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

This tool is sponsored by an independent grant from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals and Allergan, an AbbVie company.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Point of Care Tool

IBS is a common functional gastrointestinal disorder and recently has been redefined as a disorder of gut–brain interaction. The symptoms of IBS can be mild to severe and vary from person to person. This resource tool provides information about IBS, including the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment. It also provides tips on managing the symptoms of IBS to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Supported by AbbVie.

Navigating IBS Diagnosis and Treatment

This tool is designed to assist the primary care NP with the diagnosis and treatment of IBS. Helpful content found in the tool includes diagnostic criteria and algorithm, the Bristol Stool Form Scale (BSFS), IBS subtypes, laboratory testing, alarm features, first-line therapies and much more.

This educational tool is supported by an independent grant from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals and Allergan, an AbbVie company.

The NP’s Guide to the New Nomenclature for NAFLD

This practical and informational handout for the NP provides an overview of the new nomenclature for what was formerly called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and the spectrum of steatotic liver diseases (SLD). Learn about SLD risk stratification and the five cardiometabolic risk factors for metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD).

This program is supported by independent medical educational grants from Madrigal Pharmaceuticals & Novo Nordisk Inc.

Primary Care MASLD Toolkit

This resource-rich tool for the NP will guide you through screening and diagnosis of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD), while providing a background of the pathophysiology, epidemiology and new nomenclature. Useful resources are provided that will assist you with patient education and management.

This program is supported by independent medical educational grants from Madrigal Pharmaceuticals & Novo Nordisk Inc.

Patient Education Tools and Resources


Viral Hepatitis A

This patient tool provides education on hepatitis A disease and prevention using simple language in a visually engaging infographic format. The handout allows the patient and provider to start the shared clinical decision-making process so the patient can make an informed decision about hepatitis A vaccination. This tool is available as a downloadable PDF or place an order for 25-page, full color tear pads.

This educational tool supported by an independent grant from GSK.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Improving Quality of Life With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This five-page patient handout about IBS was designed with the busy NP in mind. The handout includes information about keeping a food and symptom diary, tracking what interventions have been tried and the effectiveness of them, dietary tips and other clinical pearls to improve the quality of life of your patients living with IBS. This handout can be printed and placed in waiting rooms and exam rooms or handed to patients to promote clinical discussions about IBS.

This educational tool is supported by an independent grant from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals and Allergan, an AbbVie company.


The Basics of Biosimilars

This patient education handout is designed to inform patients about biosimilars and their similarity to the reference biologic. In addition, it can be used to help patients make informed decisions about their treatment plans.

Developed through an educational grant from Pfizer.

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External Resources

Conveniently Curated Information From Other Top Sources

There are many resources available for both patients and providers. Several are included below for your convenience. The inclusion of these links does not imply AANP endorsement.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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