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Multistate Reimbursement Alliance (MSRA)

Enhancing NP Support for Insurance Credentialing, Contracting and Reimbursement

American Association of Nurse Practitioners - Multistate Reimbursement Alliance (MRSA)

The advanced practice nurse (APN) Multistate Reimbursement Alliance (MSRA) joined AANP in 2009 to enhance NP support for insurance credentialing, contracting and reimbursement. MSRA tracks issues and responds as a unified voice wherever it can make an impact, though MSRA does not collectively negotiate reimbursement rates. State and regional MSRA teams are in development. Explore below to see how you can connect and partner.

Report a Reimbursement Issue

Volumes speak! That's why MSRA seeks to learn where you and your patients are encountering delays, issues or roadblocks. MSRA tracks the trends and then leverages the volume of reports to act on your behalf when meeting with insurance executives.

Report an Issue

Medicare and Medicaid Fact Sheets

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulates these federally supported programs. Medicaid is a shared state and federal program. As a result, these programs are regulated differently than other insurance providers.

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MSRA Toolbox

Key tools and resources, including position statements and customizable appeal templates.

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