NP Research Agenda

Nurse Practitioner Research Agenda Roundtable

July 2010

Executive Summary

On July 23, 2010, the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Network for Research (AANPNR) and the Fellows of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP) hosted the Nurse Practitioner Research Agenda Roundtable in Crystal City, VA. The Roundtable was attended by designated representatives of all major NP organizations, as well as several relevant nursing organizations and other stakeholders. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and create a research agenda related to the NP role, and to prioritize critical research issues to guide research efforts over the next five years.

Participants focused their discussion of research priorities within four cross-cutting areas: NP Workforce, NP Policy, NP Practice, and NP Education. Within each of these areas, topics were identified and prioritized through a series of plenary and small-group discussions. Participants also discussed potential barriers and challenges in achieving the agenda, as well as strategies to address these challenges.

The following lists the top three priorities identified in each of the four categories:

NP Policy and Regulation

  1. Impact of Varying NP Regulatory Environment
  2. Impact of Policy-Guided Practice Models
  3. Engagement in Professional Activism

NP Workforce

  1. Comprehensive Description of the NP Workforce
  2. Policy and Regulatory Influences on the NP Workforce
  3. Educational Influences on the NP Workforce

NP Practice

  1. Comprehensive NP Practice Outcomes
  2. Common Elements of NP Practice
  3. Consumer Awareness

NP Education

  1. NP Program Variables
  2. NP Preparation Cost
  3. NP Program Participants -- Students & Faculty

Full NP Research Agenda - PDF - AANP, July 2010