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The NPower “Search for Self-Care” Scavenger Hunt - Clue #4

Stop and Smell the Coffee

Wellness Fact

Did you know 30 seconds can make a big difference? When you sit down for your next session, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths (for best results, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth) while thinking about your favorite vacation destination or some other enjoyable experience. Mindful moments not only help with relaxation and stress management, but also help you focus and learn in the next session.

Resource: Harvard Health Publishing,

NPower Resource

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Clue #4 Secret Word: EXPERIENCE

How to Complete the Scavenger Hunt

In between your sessions, take some time to walk around the Orange County Convention Center and keep an eye out for eight NPower signs scattered around the conference. Scan the QR codes at each of the eight NPower signs with your phone’s camera app to access some wellness tips and a special keyword that will help lead to the prize. Each location has a unique keyword, so make sure to stop by all eight. Write down the secret words on page XX of your conference guide.

If you’ve jotted down the eight keywords in this conference guide, then congratulations: you have completed your search! Look at the first letter of each keyword to uncover the secret word hidden in the answers and enter it here.

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