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Next week, AANP will send an email to all members who have not yet registered for national conference. This email will be segmented by state, and we would like to include a personal invitation from you at the top of the email!

In a few BRIEF sentences (two to five), please share why NPs from your state should attend the 2019 AANP National Conference, and then offer a quick invitation. Here's an example:

"National conference time is my favorite time of year, because that's when I get to see so many of my fellow Florida NPs. It's so important that we come together to strengthen the NP community, talk about what's happening in the legislature, share with other NPs what's been working in Florida and learn about what's happening in their states. I can't wait to see you in Indianapolis, so make sure you register soon. Can we be the state with the most attendees? Let's bring it, Florida!"

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Find Your CE, Networking and Policy Updates, Too!

Only at the 2019 AANP National Conference can you:

  • Earn up to 38 contact hours of continuing education (CE)*, created specifically for nurse practitioners (NPs) by NPs;
  • Meet with thousands of NPs of every specialty to discuss evidence-based practice, professional development and strengthening patient care;
  • And join discussions on current national, state and local legislative, regulatory and practice issues affecting NPs!

As the largest conference for NPs of all specialties, the 2019 AANP National Conference is key to understanding how policy and legislation can affect you and your practice.

Whether it’s an informal discussion with NPs from all 50 states and U.S. territories, a meeting with your AANP State Representative or Regional Director, the Annual Legislative Policy Update or CE sessions on reimbursement and telehealth, AANP is here with the information you need to become a champion of the NP role. Plan to join AANP in Indianapolis June 18–23, 2019, to ensure that you are a part of the ongoing conversation about health care and to help keep health care on track.

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Hear From Your Fellow AANP Members:

“There's really only one conference that combines the policy aspects, clinical content, opportunities to make connections and see old friends, networking and what's going on in the news and in our profession all across the country. There's no other place where you can do that the way you can do it at the AANP national conference.”—Donald G., Member since 1997

“My favorite part of conference is the opportunity to network and to really get to meet new people, to forge new relationships and to look at how we can work together to solve health care issues. Even though we may be from different states or countries, I think we can learn from each other and really develop and hone in on new opportunities. I think we're stronger together.”—Stan M., Member since 2012

“One of my personal interests is health care policy, and so national conference is a really great way for us to get a policy update at the state, regional and federal level. I've had a really good experience just talking with colleagues from all over the country about their policy issues and how those relate to what's going on with my patients—or about the federal issues that we can focus on that take us behind some of the debate that's going on in health care.”—Melissa K., Member since 2016

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