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Share Your Expertise With NPInfluence

Earn Rewards for Voicing Your Opinion

NP sitting at her desk - NPInfluence

Are you interested in earning gift cards for completing online surveys? NPInfluence is an online research panel of nurse practitioners (NPs) that provides you with the opportunity to impact health care decisions across the industry by sharing your experiences. The American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) encourages members and nonmembers to participate!

What Is an Online Research Panel?

Online research panels are a popular method for health care industry stakeholders to gain information from a group of individuals. NPs have unique experiences and perspectives that have the power to shape the future of health care. NPInfluence is more than an online panel; it is a platform for NPs to share their clinical expertise and elevate their voices.

Join NPInfluence

  • Guidelines and Resources

    Before joining NPInfluence, please review the program flyer and the information below:

    • NPInfluence has thousands of practicing NPs in primary care, acute care and specialty care.
    • Interested NPs who are currently working or volunteering are encouraged to join the panel at any time throughout the year.
  • How NPInfluence Works
    1. Join NPInfluence by filling out a quick profile survey that takes less than 10 minutes.
    2. Receive emails with invitations to take surveys that are developed and funded by nonprofits, government entities or other health-related organizations. AANP will administer the surveys on behalf of those clients.
    3. Choose to take as many, or as few, surveys as you want.
    4. Obtain a gift card for each survey that you complete.

    If you are interested in learning more about NPInfluence, please contact AANP via the AANP Help Center.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How are NPInfluence surveys administered?

    AANP sends surveys to NPInfluence panelists on behalf of the survey client. Survey clients may be a nursing association, government entity, nonprofit, pharmaceutical company or other health-related organization.

    Who is eligible to participate?

    AANP members and nonmembers who are currently working or volunteering as an NP can participate in NPInfluence.

    What types of surveys can I take?

    Each survey’s eligibility criteria determines who can participate.

    What types of incentives are available?

    Participants receive an electronic gift card for each survey that they complete. You can choose your gift card from an online catalog of major brands (e.g., Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Starbucks, Target).

    How often can I participate?

    The frequency of survey participation is partially determined by the eligibility criteria of each survey, which varies. However, once you receive an invitation to participate in a survey, you can decide if you want to participate.

    How often do I have to participate?

    You are not required to participate in any surveys. IF you choose not to participate in any of the surveys you receive, you will still be enrolled in NPInfluence. Please note, you will only receive a gift card if you complete a survey in full.

    How often will I receive surveys?

    The frequency of survey invitations varies each year. For example, you may receive one survey invitation during your first year as an NPInfluence panelist and two to three survey invitations during the second year.

    What information does AANP share with survey clients?

    AANP will share survey responses from panelists with survey clients. Participants may be asked to provide information (e.g., first name and last name) within the consent form.

    How can I opt-out of NPInfluence?

    If you would like to opt-out, simply use the unsubscribe link when you receive an email for this program. Unsubscribe links are located at the bottom of all NPInfluence survey invitations.

  • Contact AANP

    If you have additional questions about this program, please contact AANP via the AANP Help Center.