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Professional Development

Growth in Knowledge, Skill, Reputation and Responsibility

American Association of Nurse Practitioners - Professional Development

As nurse practitioners (NPs), we never stop improving. The love for our patients drives our desire to constantly learn and develop new skill sets, but it’s also important to place some focus on your career goals, relationships and professional network.

“AANP has provided me personally with an opportunity for growth that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else. AANP has been really special to me, really special. Made a big difference in my life."
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Advance Knowledge and Skill

Continuing Education (CE)

From live, CE activities developed by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) to online video presentations and articles, there are hundreds of CE opportunities available to help you stay on top of your field and shape your practice.

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Grants and Scholarships

From grants and scholarships to research awards and external funding information, AANP members have access to a host of opportunities that open doors to a world of knowledge and educational experiences.

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Transitioning Into the NP Role

Whether you need help becoming certified, negotiating salary, finding the right practice setting or staying informed on important health issues, AANP has the resources you need to lay a solid foundation for the future of your practice and the NP role.

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Build Your Network and Advance Your Career

Connecting With Other NPs

Networking, collaborating, meeting new colleagues and building relationships is key to your professional development and career advancement. Learn about all of the ways AANP brings NPs together with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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NP Certification and Recertification

Showcase your commitment to upholding high standards of care by obtaining NP certification. Find a certification program that fits your interests and specialty.

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Business Resources for NPs

Access valuable resources for the business side of your career, including CE, reimbursement help, job searches and negotiating tools.

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Be Recognized for Your Outstanding Contributions

Recognition and Award Opportunities

Stand and be recognized! Explore the many different opportunities AANP has to honor extraordinary NPs, like the State Award for Excellence and the National Leadership Award.

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AANP Fellows (FAANP)

FAANP is always looking for NP leaders who make outstanding contributions to clinical practice, research, education or policy to enhance the AANP mission. Do you have what it takes to become a part of this prestigious body?

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Accept the Next Level of Responsibility for the NP Role

Leadership Opportunities

Step up to the plate and become an AANP leader as we drive the association and the NP role forward. Learn about opportunities for leadership and how you can have a deeper involvement in AANP.

Become an AANP Leader

AANP Executive Leadership Program

In partnership with curriculum from The George Washington University and offering approximately 50 contact hours of continuing education, this exclusive program is ideal for NPs who want to take their leadership to the next level.

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