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American Association of Nurse Practitioners - Practice Related Research

AANP is home to a wealth of information about NPs and their practices and is the only comprehensive database of NPs in the U.S. AANP research is an essential resource for understanding how NPs are shaping the future of health care.

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Sample Survey

Taken in 2018, this is the latest iteration of AANP’s National NP Sample Survey. The report identifies the characteristics and practices of NPs nationwide as related to NP certification, practice communities, settings and characteristics, salary information, prescribing and diagnosis, NP education and demographics. View a list of tables included in the report.

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NP Research Agenda

View AANP’s research priorities for policy and regulation, practice models, NP workforce and characteristics and education.

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Research Reports

The AANP research program provides indispensable research about NPs and guidance for others interested in similar research. See the latest data on clinical specialties, practice settings, compensation, demographics and more.

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Get Involved

Getting involved in NP specific research doesn't have to be difficult. Whether it is designing your own study, participating in a survey through AANPs Network for Research or periodically updating your AANP profile, there are many opportunities to get involved.

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Research Funding and Resources

As NPs are securing their place on the front lines of health care, AANP is here with the funding opportunities you need to continue to advance the NP profession and enhance patient care.

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