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The most common AANP Accreditation, CE Center and NP Preparation questions are answered below.

Does an organization have to have a CE history with AANP to become an Approved Provider?

As a rule, AANP Approved Providers have submitted individual programs for accreditation before attaining Provider status. This allows the organization to become familiar with AANP policies and processes and allows AANP to learn more about the types of CE being offered.

How do I apply for AANP accreditation (CE)?

To receive CE contact hours for your program, you must send a completed AANP application form with all required fees. This includes the cover page, goals and objectives with time frames, a bio-sketch and disclosure for each presenter (CVs are not accepted), a disclosure for each program planner who is not also a presenter, plus a copy of the certificate, all brochures and announcements, and the evaluation form to be used.

If you have everything in a different format, we will accept the AANP coversheet and your forms provided all the required information is included.

How much does it cost to accredit a program?

The cost to accredit a program is based on the anticipated number of contact hours to be accredited (i.e., the total number of hours one person could receive by completing the entire ativity or program). See the fee schedule in the application packet for more information in the CE Accreditation menu.

How do I determine contact hours?

One CE contact hour equals 60-minutes of program and does not include introductions, breaks, meals, time for program evaluations, etc.

Most NP CE is given in contact hours.  Contact hours and continuing education units (CEUs) are not interchangeable.  A CEU equals approximately 10 contact hours.

How do I determine pharmacology contact hours?

Pharmacology contact hours must be requested upfront, on the cover sheet of the application. Pharmacology is determined by the objectives that address medications in regards to the program topic. For example: A two-hour program can be awarded two (2) contact hours, which includes one (1) hour of pharmacology.

Objectives for pharmacology hours must be specific. Casual mention of medications or medical devices does not qualify.

Must I have the disclosure forms for all my speakers when I submit this application?

Speaker disclosure forms must be included with the initial application. If the speaker plans to reference any off-label use or experimental/investigational use of drugs/device, that information must be presented to AANP for review prior to the program.  Speakers must disclose any/all potential biases to the audience/participants at the program.

Why can't we send a CV? (Why do you only accept a bio-sketch?)

We require bio-sketches over CVs because the latter are too large to keep for the number of programs we accredit, nor are they necessary for the review process.

How quickly can you accredit a program?

We request four (4) weeks to review a program before it is presented and do not accredit programs retroactively. We will accept applications that are less than 16 contact hours up to two (2) weeks prior to the program's first presentation with the expedite fee required. Programs of 16+ contact hours must be sent 45 days before the activity start date.

Are there any extra fees I can avoid?

Applications received within a two (2) - four (4) week window before a program begins require an additional expedite fee.  Applications submitted by mail or fax incur a hard copy fee.

How do I renew an approved CE program?

Send in a new application packet with a reference to the existing program id number. We treat it as a new program and give it a new ID number. The old number is maintained as a "history" for reference.

Will you list our program on your website?

Programs accredited by AANP, an AANP Approved Provider or a Partner of AANP may be included on the AANP CE Opportunities or AANP Independent Studies web pages.

For more information concerning advertising your program through AANP (mailing lists, web ads and more), contact Communications and Member Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Do NP Organization Members qualify for free CE program reviews?

NP Organization members have the CE application fee waived for up to 16 contact hours or less and recieve a 50% discount on additional contact hours. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

NP Organizations also receive many other membership benefits. Contact Membership at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information and an application.

How do I submit the CE application?

We prefer to receive applications electronically via email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you send by standard mail, you must send two (2) complete copies with appropriate fees to:

AANP, ATTN: Stormy
Building 2, Suite 450
901 S Mopac Expwy
Austin, TX 78746.

You may fax your application to (512) 442-6469 ATTN Stormy.

Faxed and mailed applications must also pay a "hard copy" fee. (See the fee schedule in the application packet for more information in the CE Accreditation menu.)

How long is a program accredited and can I ask for a longer period?

Programs are accredited for two (2) years from the date of approval. You may request different start/end dates with your initial application if the program has a later start date.

How long must I keep the records and what records must I keep?

Program providers must maintain records for at least six (6) years, including a copy of the approved program, any related announcement, program date/time, participant roster, credit awarded, evaluation summary, a certificate copy, etc.

When must I turn in my post-program reports and what must I send in (rosters, evaluation summaries)?

A summary program evaluation and copy of attendance roster should be submitted to AANP within one (1) month of program completion. Original evaluation sheets will not be accepted in lieu of the summary. It's the responsibility of the program provider/sponsor to evaluate each educational activity.

Rosters must include a count for total participants, total NP participants and a unique identifier for each individual. Please do NOT submit participants' full social security numbers to AANP as identifiers.

For repeated programs, submit the required reports at one (1) month of the programs start and again at one (1) year.  The final report is due in the AANP office one (1) month after the program's final presentation/expiration date.

How do I list/recognize companies who provided monetary support for the CE program?

Organizations may provide "unrestricted educational grants" for CE programs. They may be recognized in promotional materials, flyers, brochures, mailers, etc., and this information should be disclosed at the program's presentation.

How do I claim my CE credit from AANP conferences?

To receive credit for CEs earned at any AANP conference, simply fill out a short electronic evaluation for each session attended, along with a general conference evaluation.  This process has been updated:  Beginning with the AANP 2016 National Conference, attendees will have ONE YEAR from the last day of the conference to complete the evaluations and claim their CE credits.  Evaluations MUST be completed within that time frame.  For best results, attendees of the national conference are encouraged to use the AANP mobile app to complete evaluations during the conference.  A mobile app help desk will be onsite for support. Once evaluations are complete, CE certificates will be available in the AANP CE Center by clicking on My Account, then My Portfolio.  

Attendees of previous AANP conferences (up to and including the AANP 2016 Health Policy Conference) will be given until June 26, 2017 to complete any outstanding evaluations.  Learn more about claiming CE credit earned at AANP conferences.  

Why is my login for the CE Center not working?

If you have problems logging into the CE Center or if you go to log in and are not recognized as an AANP member, you might have more than one email in our records, e.g., your email for membership may be different than the one previously used for the CE Center. The CE Center now uses your membership login, giving you one login and password for AANP website areas.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you do not know which address is attached to your membership record.

I have answered the questions provided during the program (pre and post surveys) but am then sent to the AANP CE Center. What do I do to get my certificate?

AANP has several programs created with educational Partners. For some of these programs the Partner is hosting the program content and AANP is hosting the post-test and evaluation. Log into the CE Center and then find your program on the Search page. Click on Start Post-test to continue. Once you have successfully completed the post-test and submitted the online evaluation your certificate will be provided.

Quick Note: if you've not used the AANP CE Center before you will need to register to continue.

How many new NPs are prepared each year?

The number of NPs completing their graduate programs has continued to increase each year. An estimated 14,000 new NPs completed their academic programs in 2011-2012.

How many NP programs are there?

There are approximately 350 academic institutions (universities and colleges) with NP programs in the U.S.

What type of academic degree do NPs earn?

NP programs currently award one of the following to individuals completing their programs: master's, post-master's, or doctorate. The majority of NP programs offer master's-level programming, with post-master's certificates available for nurses who have earned a master's degree in another nursing area and then complete the NP-program requirements. However, there is movement towards the doctor of nursing practice degree (DNP) being the entry-level for NPs and other advanced practice nurses. Over 150 programs currently award the DNP program and many others are in development.

How can I go about finding an NP program?

AANP maintains a searchable database of NP programs, which can be sorted by state, population focus, and other features.

Factors to consider in selecting programs to investigate include:

  • whether the institution offers training in your desired population focus, or concentration, (e.g. adult, family, pediatrics)
  • the attendance method you prefer (e.g. online/distance versus on-campus, courses blocked on 1-2 days versus daily attendance)
  • the degree you seek (e.g. MSN, DNP)
  • the entry-prerequisites for which you qualify (e.g. BSN, second degree student).

Other considerations include factors such as the program's accreditation, graduate certification rate, etc. State-supported public institutions typically offer lower tuition for in-state residents. Once you have narrowed the number of programs down, it is ideal to consult the official within the NP program who can answer questions and provide more detailed information.

How do non-nurses become an NP?

All NPs are registered nurses (RNs). Non-nurses entering an NP program must complete the requirements to sit for the RN licensure exam, either as a prerequisite to the NP program or as part of an articulated educational program that delivers the basic generic nursing content, in addition to the NP-specific content. Not all academic NP institutions offer entry options for individuals who have degrees in non-nursing disciplines, who wish to complete the NP academic program.

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