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Serving the Information Needs of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) Since 1989

Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

It’s essential to stay informed on the latest developments in your field, including everything from clinical topics and evidence-based research to career progression and professional development. The Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP) delivers that and much more!

Each edition of this monthly online journal features peer-reviewed articles written to help you stay informed and enhance patient outcomes. Additionally, JAANP provides helpful information surrounding issues encountered in daily practice — for example, workplace fatigue or topics related to practice management.

Members of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) receive a free online subscription to JAANP, plus the journal’s AANP-accredited continuing education (CE). Are you not yet a member? See what you’re missing by subscribing as a nonmember.


“I love the journal; there are a lot of good articles in there, and it's a very big perk to have.”
—Josh H.
New York
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Editor-in-Chief Search

AANP is currently accepting applications for the JAANP Editor-in-Chief role. This position is an independent contractor opportunity. Learn more about the job description, position requirements and application process below.

  • Editor-in-Chief Position

    Contract Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners

    Position Type: Independent Contractor

    Contract Rate: Up to $80,000 annualized DOE, paid monthly (no benefits)

    Length of Contract: One year, renewable annually following a service review

    Location: The contract is fully remote

    Travel Requirement: Up to 5% with travel reimbursement per contract specifications

    General Description

    AANP is seeking a qualified professional independent contractor to carry out the tasks of Editor in Chief for its scholarly journal, Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (JAANP). The journal is a society journal that is a member benefit to the more than 120,000 members of AANP.

    JAANP is a monthly, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal for NPs. The aim of the journal is to be the leading research-based scientific journal providing cutting-edge information in practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership for all NPs and others with an interest in the NP role. Readers of JAANP include the members of AANP and other NPs, clinicians and researchers who work in domestic and international settings. The journal supports the mission of AANP to empower all NPs to advance accessible, person-centered, equitable, high-quality health care for diverse communities through practice, education, advocacy, research and leadership.

    This is an annual contract for editorial services with specific deliverables that are defined by and coordinated through the Vice President of Communications and Marketing. There are occasional meetings in Austin, Texas, and travel to association conferences.

    Scope of Work and Deliverables

    1. Exercise editorial control of the entire journal.
    2. Determine the scope of the subject matter to be covered in each issue of the journal.
    3. Maintain a timely schedule in the oversight of the manuscript and publication process from submission, review, acceptance and final publication.
    4. Ensure consistent standards of manuscript acceptance, review for plagiarism and rejection.
    5. Oversee the selection and evaluation of all peer reviewers.
    6. Review and approve all manuscripts and other materials submitted for publication.
    7. Select content and manuscripts to be included in each issue of JAANP.
    8. Communicate with reviewers and authors about manuscripts.
    9. Perform the final edit of manuscripts to be included in each issue of JAANP.
    10. Work closely with all JAANP publication contractors and vendors to establish and maintain a monthly journal production schedule.
    11. Select individuals to serve as JAANP associate editors and editorial board members (in consultation with AANP).
    12. Determine departments, columns and special issues of JAANP.
    13. Exhibit strong interpersonal skills and the ability to perform all communication in a courteous and professional manner.
    14. Communicate with the designated AANP Board of Directors Liaison, the appropriate executive staff member and the publisher regarding any changes in the JAANP format and content, including additions or changes to the editorial board or associate editors, departments or columns and special issues of the journal.
    15. Prepare an annual written report of Editor-in-Chief activities and the status of JAANP, and provide it to AANP and the designated AANP Board of Directors Liaison in time for the June Board of Directors meeting.
    16. Travel to the AANP national conference and other events as agreed upon with AANP.

    Contractor Requirements

    1. Must hold an active NP license.
    2. Must have a doctorate in nursing or a related field with a graduate degree that is research focused.
    3. Must demonstrate a track record of publications that includes evidence of involvement in original research.
    4. Evidence of experience with scholarly publications as a peer reviewer, editorial board member or editor is required.

    Individuals interested in this contract role should send a CV or resume to As part of the contractor selection process, examples of work and professional references will be required.


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Share your work with the AANP community! JAANP encourages you to submit articles addressing evidence-based clinical practice, integrative or comprehensive reviews, research, novel case studies, NP education, legislation, health policy, practice improvement and other advanced practice nursing issues. International submissions that address advanced practice nursing issues throughout the world are also encouraged. Get instructions and information about digital artwork, reprints, permissions and more at the Author Submission Site.

Instructions for Authors

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Peer Reviewing

  • About Peer Reviewers

    JAANP peer reviewers are uncompensated volunteers who are interested in the advancement of the NP role and health science via high-quality, informative publications. Reviewers are recognized each year in the journal as a show of appreciation for their dedication and hard work.

    AANP members are academics, researchers, administrators, clinicians and, for JAANP, essential peer reviewers. Members may volunteer for consideration as a peer reviewer for the journal. Content experts are needed in select specialty areas. Are you interested in becoming a peer reviewer? Contact the publishing office at

  • CE for Peer Reviewers

    We know that peer reviewing requires significant time and expertise, and we appreciate your commitment to making JAANP the premier journal for your profession. In gratitude, JAANP offers CE credit as a way of acknowledging your dedication and hard work.

    To earn CE credit, you will need to respond to all four of the following items at the end of your online peer review form:

    1. Are you interested in earning continuing education credit?
    2. How long did it take to complete this review?
    3. Performing this review has improved my knowledge and ability to assess the scientific literature in order to make informed decisions in my practice (YES or NO).
    4. Performing this review has improved my critical thinking and writing skills within my area of expertise (YES or NO).

    The JAANP editorial team will evaluate your review and assign a score between zero and 100 to reflect the quality of the review. A score of 70 or above is needed to earn CE credit. Please note that this evaluation of your review is independent of your final recommendation for the manuscript you reviewed. Whether your decision is “Accept”, “Reject”, or somewhere in between, credit will be awarded if the quality of your review scores a 70 or above.

  • Peer Review Process

    JAANP uses a double-blind peer review process to ensure that neither reviewers nor authors know each other's identities. Multiple reviewers are assigned to each manuscript based on the reviewers’ expertise and availability. Manuscripts are assigned for review based on the content and volume of the articles submitted to JAANP. Typically, each reviewer will be assigned one or two peer reviews per year.

    The entire peer review process is completed digitally via the editorial manager system. Reviewers are notified of a review request via email invitation. A typical peer review takes about two to four hours depending on the type of manuscript and the reviewer's familiarity with the content.

    Reviewers are provided with a time frame for completion of the review, generally two to three weeks. To assist you in planning your reviews, reminder emails are automatically sent out at specific intervals during the review process.


As a valuable member benefit, AANP members receive a free online subscription to JAANP. Non-AANP member and institutional subscriptions to JAANP are also available.

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