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Ophthalmology Specialty Practice Group

Engage, Learn, Network and Progress Practice in Ophthalmology


If you are a nurse practitioner (NP) who specializes in caring for patients with health care conditions that affect the eye, the Ophthalmology Specialty Practice Group (SPG) is an excellent resource for you. This AANP Community offers a unique opportunity to interactively collaborate with colleagues who share similar interests and clinical expertise. As an SPG member, you’ll have access to a cutting-edge, online forum where you can engage in discussions, document sharing and knowledge exchange with your fellow NPs. Come learn, share and help progress the development of theory and practice in ophthalmology.

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A Message From the Ophthalmology SPG Co-Chairs

Tulay Cakiner-Egilmez
Tulay Cakiner-Egilmez, NP-C, PhD, CRNO, COMT

Welcome to the new AANP Ophthalmology SPG! I am honored to help launch this new SPG with Co-chair Rolly Coronica. I have ophthalmology experience as a nurse, technician, researcher and NP for more than 30 years. My goal as Co-chair of this AANP Community is to create a supportive environment allowing us to share, learn and grow together to improve our ophthalmology practices. Ophthalmology is very demanding, but together, we can overcome challenging difficulties. I invite you to join this forum to support our specialty practice.

Rolly Coronica
Rolly Coronica, DNP, FNP

My name is Rolly D. Coronica, DNP, FNP, and I share this honor to welcome you all to the new AANP Ophthalmology Community. May I quote Dr. Browning when he said in the editorial piece of the American Journal of Ophthalmology (2018), “It is time for ophthalmologists to bring PAs and NPs onto our team to meet the eye care needs of the future.” I am a certified family NP. I have worked in an outpatient setting in the Department of Ophthalmology, VA Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts. I have also helped establish a free outpatient eye clinic in Tampa, Florida. I enjoy writing articles for The InSight: the Journal of the American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses (ASORN) and wrote a lens and cataract chapter in the ASORN Ophthalmic Textbook. Please join this forum to support our specialty practice. I look forward to facilitating this new AANP Ophthalmology Community with Co-chair Tulay Cakiner-Egilmez.

Ophthalmology SPG Forum

Join this vibrant new SPG community and engage with other like-minded NPs who share an interest in ophthalmology. Take part in interactive discussion and debate, gain support and explore Q&As and always be on top of the latest available news, education and information.

Ophthalmology SPG Details and Eligibility

  • Annual Dues: $20.
  • Available exclusively to current AANP members.
  • Open to all AANP members with specialty practice or interest in ophthalmology.