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Wound Care Specialty Practice Group

Engage, Learn, Network and Progress Practice in Wound Care

Wound Care

If you’re a nurse practitioner (NP) who is passionate about best practices in wound care and you are interested in connecting with other NPs to discuss effective treatment options for acute and chronic wounds, the Wound Care Specialty Practice Group (SPG) is an excellent resource for you. This AANP Community offers a unique opportunity to interactively collaborate with colleagues who share your interest and clinical expertise. As an SPG member, you’ll have access to a cutting-edge, online forum where you can engage in discussions, document sharing and knowledge exchange with your fellow NPs. Come learn, share and help progress the development of theory and practice in wound care.

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A Message From the Wound Care SPG Co-Chairs

Holly Kirkland-Kyhn, PhD, FNP, GNP, CWCN, FAANP
Holly Kirkland-Kyhn, PhD, FNP, GNP, CWCN, FAANP

My name is Holly Kirkland-Kyhn and I am a certified wound care NP since 2008. I am passionate about educating NPs on the assessment, treatment and documentation of wounds throughout the patient care continuum. Nurses have held this space for many years; however, it takes a provider to diagnose, write orders for treatment and bill for treatments. I have trained hundreds of NPs and PAs on advanced wound care, including many who work in primary care, vascular clinics, wound clinics and acute care.

I have worked as an NP for more than 20 years in the Sacramento, California, community. Although trained in the U.S. as a registered nurse, I spent my early career working as a nurse and midwife in England and Ireland. I have traveled to Africa, Haiti and Belize to work in disaster relief and in promoting safe maternal-child care in rural areas. I now work at U.C . Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) as the Director of Wound Care and have led interdisciplinary team initiatives throughout the hospital to improve the safety and quality of care for patients, most specifically in pressure ulcer and injury prevention. I am an active member of the “Street Medicine” program at UCDMC, providing education on “Treating wounds from the Dollar Tree” to those who serve individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

Kara Couch

I am truly delighted to serve as your co-chair for the AANP Wound Care Community. Wound care is not taught extensively in medical or nursing schools, yet we all treat wounds no matter where we specialize. This Community will afford its members the chance to learn evidence-based practice to improve your outcomes, share clinical wisdom on basic to advanced treatments and discuss algorithms for the evaluation and management of wound care patients. Wound care is my passion, and I can’t wait to talk with you about it within the Community.

Here is a little more information on my background:
Kara graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing (FNP) from Georgetown University in 2002. Currently, she works as the director of wound care services at The George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C., where she oversees inpatient and outpatient wound care. She is an associate research professor of surgery at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at George Washington University. Her wound care interests include caring for persons with limb loss and limb differences, complex abdominal wounds and the use of technology in wound healing.

Kara is the current nurse board member of the Alliance of Wound Care Stakeholders and the president-elect of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC). Kara was one of the inaugural Fellows of the Association of the Advancement of Wound Care. She is an editorial board member of Wound Management and Prevention, Today’s Wound Clinic, Wound Masterclass and WoundSource 2022. Kara is also a member of the Prophylactic Dressing Standards Initiative, which is a joint collaboration between the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel and the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.

Wound Care SPG Forum

Join this vibrant new SPG community and engage with other like-minded NPs who share an interest in wound care. Take part in interactive discussion and debate, gain support and explore Q&As and always be on top of the latest available news, education and information.

Wound Care SPG Details and Eligibility

  • Annual Dues: $20.
  • Available exclusively to current AANP members.
  • Open to all AANP members with specialty practice or interest in wound care, particularly those with board certification.