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FAANP Career Advancement Program

Preparing the Next Generation of Nurse Practitioner (NP) Leaders

The Fellows of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (FAANP) are proud to connect NPs with Fellows who are leaders in their field and are willing to share their expertise to promote the career development of others. Whether you’re interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) invites you to discover the mutually rewarding benefits of the FAANP Career Advancement Program.

About the FAANP Career Advancement Program

If you are seeking a mentor to work with on a one-to-one basis to enhance your professional and personal growth, consider applying for the FAANP Career Advancement Program (FAANP Career Enrichment Program). After you submit your online application and have been accepted to the program, the FAANP Mentorship Committee will try to best match applicants with an AANP Fellow, as indicated by the expertise best fitting your stated needs.

The 2024 application cycle will open in October 2024. Check back for more details.

Applicant Qualifications

  • Applicants must be an AANP member in good standing and have 2-3 years of experience in the NP role.
  • The program is not a pathway to AANP Fellowship.
  • The program is not to be used to support an academic or educational program because mentors may not serve as an advisor for any part of degree completion (e.g., PhD or EdD, DNSc, DNS and DNP dissertations; clinical projects; and classroom assignments).

Applicant Expectations

  • Applicants must commit to clear, regular communication with the mentor.
  • Communication formats (e.g., phone, email, video chat) must be mutually determined and agreed upon.
  • The time span for the mentorship commitment must be mutually determined (e.g., meeting once a month, with interim tasks completed by the mentee).
  • Applicants must commit to the length of the formal relationship (e.g., six, 12, 18 months).
  • Mentees are responsible for negotiating mentoring goals, short- and long-term deliverables and a reasonable time frame to accomplish the goals. At completion of the program, an executive summary must be submitted and, if applicable, disseminated.

FAANP Career Advancement Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a question? The FAANP Career Advancement Program has answers! The most common program questions are answered below.

  • What benefits do I gain from having a mentor?

    Almost all professionals, nurse practitioner (NP) or otherwise, grow exponentially with the guidance of a mentor. You may have been informed a mentor could help you, or you might feel a sense of wanting more from your career or desire personal growth. There are numerous valid reasons to desire a mentor.

    Benefits of having an NP mentor include but are not limited to the following:

    • Elevate the NP experience.
    • Motivate and inspire.
    • Promote lifelong learning.
    • Act as a safe place to discuss issues in a disciplined, solutions-focused manner.
    • Understand and support NPs as colleagues.
    • Widen and deepen the NP network and influence.
    • Pursue leadership development.
  • Are all the mentors Fellows?

    Yes, in the FAANP Career Advancement Program, all mentoring is done by AANP Fellows.

  • How do I apply?

    The application period is currently closed and will open in Fall of 2024.

  • What do I need to have prepared to complete the application?

    Complete a self-assessment to determine the following.

    • Your readiness for formal mentorship.
    • What mentorship area you need and want to further develop.
    • Description of a project and what support may be needed to best achieve intended goals
  • How do I find a mentor?

    Applicants do not choose a mentor. The FAANP Mentorship Committee will match applicants with a Fellow of like interest and notify the dyads of the match via email.

  • Once accepted and matched, what can I expect?

    When a match has been identified, applicants will be notified via email and will be provided with the identified mentor’s contact information to facilitate dyadic communication and plan development that works best for the individual mentor-mentee teams.

    The Career Advancement Committee will offer an orientation session for mentors and mentees with the date and time to be determined.

    Your first meeting with your mentor is a time to:

    • Discuss your goals, outcomes and deliverables.
    • Determine a communication method.
    • Establish timelines for goal and deliverable attainment.
    • Establish scheduled meeting times.
  • What are the roles of the mentor and mentee relationship within the program?
    • Mentees are responsible for negotiating mentoring goals (short- and long-term), deliverables and a reasonable time frame to accomplish the goals.
    • Mentees are also responsible for establishing the type of interaction (email, phone or video meetings) the dyad will have, producing intermediate deliverables on time, being receptive to feedback and establishing next steps.
    • Upon completion of the program, an executive summary must be submitted by the mentee and, if applicable, disseminated.
    • Mentors are responsible for helping mentees establish clear goals and defined short- and long-term deliverables that can be achieved within a reasonable time frame.
    • Mentors agree to adhere to the agreed upon communication method (email, phone or video meetings), provide sound feedback and offer suggestions and resources that can assist mentees with achieving their goals.
  • Why is the FAANP Career Advancement Program not a path to AANP Fellowship?

    The mentoring program is designed to assist any NP with growing personally and professionally. AANP Fellows as mentors are valuable guides in this process because of their outstanding, sustained career contributions to the NP role in defined areas.

  • Why shouldn’t I ask for or expect a mentor to help me with an academic assignment?

    Mentoring programs are personal and lightly structured. They are not time-bound, so they are not suitable to support students in academic programs.

  • Do deliverables have to be a research or quality improvement project?

    No. Deliverables for this mentoring program are mutually determined between the mentor and mentee at the beginning of the relationship. Deliverables certainly can include research or quality improvement projects, with the exception that any related products, accomplishments and deliverables are NOT — in whole or in part — related to an academic program or degree path requirement or assignment.

    Upon completion of the program, an executive summary must be submitted and, if applicable, disseminated.

  • What is the expected time frame for this program?

    Typically, this formal relationship lasts approximately one year, but it may also be shorter or longer, depending upon the mutually agreed upon dyadic goals.

  • Do mentees pay mentors?

    No. Remuneration is not permitted under any circumstances.

  • What if my mentor and I don’t “fit”?

    If the match does not work, for whatever reason, please contact the FAANP Career Advancement Program at

  • What outcomes should mentees expect?

    Mentees and mentors mutually agree upon goals set forth in the application process. Those goals should be further defined so progress and success can be achieved within the time specified.

    Upon completion of the program, an executive summary must be submitted and, if applicable, disseminated.

  • What happens if my circumstances change in the middle of the program — do I have to drop out?

    Discuss circumstances with your assigned mentor and inform the FAANP Career Advancement Program that a pause or drop is requested.

Do you still have a question?

The FAANP Career Advancement Program is happy to help! Send your question(s) to