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Health Monitor® LifeChanger Award

Denise Woodby Baker, MSN, FNP-C

Health Monitor Network®, partner of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP), proudly offers this award annually to an outstanding, patient-nominated nurse practitioner (NP).

Join AANP and Health Monitor in congratulating the 2020 LifeChanger Award recipient: Denise Woodby Baker, MSN, FNP-C, from Morganton, North Carolina.

This year, while many incredible stories of NPs going above and beyond the call of duty were shared, Baker's story stood out. Her nominator shared how empathetic, kind and dedicated she is to treating patients like family, especially in the height of a global pandemic. When this patient lost their job, and almost their home, due to COVID-19, Baker continued to be a guiding light and source of wisdom by scheduling weekly check-ins during this most difficult time. With her reassuring professionalism and calm demeanor, Baker continued to build a trusting relationship that allowed her patient to grow and heal, both physically and emotionally.

Health Monitor's 2020 LifeChanger Award winner understands that one of the most important aspects of providing outstanding medical care is building relationships with her patients — and that these relationships can truly change someone’s life.

Words From This Year's Awardee

Baker accepts the 2020 LifeChanger award.
“I would like to start by saying what an immense honor it is to receive the LifeChanger Award. Most NPs go into this profession with the hope that we will, at the very least, make a difference in our patient’s lives. I would like to thank Health Monitor and AANP for providing patients with a platform to let us know the impact we have made on patient’s health and quality of life. As NPs, we rarely have the opportunity to be recognized as an essential part of our patient’s health.
My core belief as an NP is that I am only an extension of each patient’s individual and unique goals. I make it my responsibility to meet each patient where they are and determine their primary concerns. By providing each patient with a thorough education, I know I am empowering them to discern the best pathway to obtain a healthier lifestyle and maximize their quality of life. Using the shared approach to care allows each patient and me to balance what may often be perceived as the best goals with what they are willing and, often, only able to achieve. By personalizing patients' goals, they are better able to own their decisions and thus become more likely to comply with their care. After all, knowledge is power.
I know this is considered an individual award. However, if it were not for Burke Primary Care offering the medical home for our patients, and our amazing and strong medical team, I could never make an impact on any of my patient’s lives or their health. Thank you again for this amazing honor.” — Denise Woodby Baker

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