Planning Your NP Education

professional membershipMore and more people are choosing NPs as their healthcare provider.  NPs deliver a unique blend of nursing and medical care, assisting patients in making better lifestyle and healthcare decisions.  NPs have differentiated themselves from other healthcare providers by focusing on the whole person when treating specific health problems, as well as educating the patients on the effects those problems will have on them, their loved ones and their communities. 

I want to become an NP because

  • NPs impact lives, one patient at a time.
  • NPs have more opportunities now than ever before.
  • NPs help patients manage their health problems and needs.
  • NPs practice preventive care, in many instances circumventing a crisis.
  • NPs partner with their patients, guiding them to make smart health and lifestyle choices.
  • NPs provide high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive, personalized patient-centered care with excellent outcomes.
  • NPs are skilled clinicians who include teaching and counselling individuals, families and communities as major parts of their practice.