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2023 AANP Fall Conference — Online

Experience Select Fall Conference Content on Demand — at Your Convenience!
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September 13, 2023 – October 18, 2023 Online

CE: More than 40 contact hours.
An AANP accreditation review is currently underway to determine contact hours.

Join the American Association of Nurse Practitioners® (AANP) online for the 2023 AANP Fall Conference on-demand package! Virtually attend many of the same sessions from the in-person fall conference, and earn continuing education (CE) credit from the comfort of your home — or almost any setting. Access to the online-only platform will be available from Wednesday, Sept. 13, through Oct. 18.

Event Details
  • Why Attend Online?

    Why Attend the Online Only 2023 AANP Fall Conference?

    2023 AANP Fall Conference
    • Select from 40 prerecorded CE sessions in five topical areas.
    • Earn up to 40 contact hours (CH) of CE credit. An AANP accreditation review to designate CH is underway.
    • Access these CE sessions at your convenience Sept. 13 through Oct. 18!
    • Earn an AANP Introductory Certificate on Leadership by completing all 12 leadership sessions.
    • Experience much of AANP's in-person fall conference content at your convenience.

    Topical Areas

    Five topical areas will be presented at the 2023 AANP Fall Conference. Within each topical area, registered attendees can choose from multiple sessions — or select sessions from all five topical areas to create your personalized conference experience!


    Cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) is a widely recognized syndrome inclusive of a combination of metabolic dysfunctions, such as insulin resistance, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension and obesity. These states have been identified as risk factors for the development of atherosclerotic disease. This series of sessions will explore the spectrum of factors — including environments, diets, lifestyles, genetic and epigenetic factors — that may combine to cause any one of the cardiometabolic diseases. Sessions in this topical area examine current evidence, treatment modalities across the spectrum and new developments in identifying CMS, as well as the intersections between the nuances of cardiometabolic illnesses and wellness.

    Emergency, Urgent and Convenient Care

    NPs are on the front lines of health care delivery and play an increasingly important role in caring for patients who present with a variety of conditions in emergent, urgent and convenient care settings, which are among the fastest-growing clinical settings in the U.S. Demand continues to grow for health care providers with the comprehensive skills and experience needed to provide high-quality care within these fast-paced settings, support care continuity across innovative delivery models and ensure patient safety. These evidence-based sessions include valuable insights to help NPs address the needs of their patients and communities, foster resilience among health care teams and ensure optimal outcomes.


    NPs are well-positioned as leaders in the health care field, and leadership training is crucial to increase effectiveness and to drive positive change in the way health care is delivered. These sessions will focus on a wide array of topics that will deepen the NP’s emotional intelligence, creativity, capacity for communication, transformational leadership skills, understanding of systems and ability to support and motivate others. At the end of the conference, attendees will receive a certificate of completion from The George Washington University (GWU) School of Nursing, which is a requirement for the AANP Executive Leadership Program.


    The pharmacology topical area emphasizes advanced concepts in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, with specific attention to their clinical implications. Individual sessions are designed to present the latest advances among a wide variety of contemporary clinical topics of relevance for NPs within all practice settings. Building upon the evidence-based foundation of early practice, these sessions include a higher-level analysis and application of clinical and diagnostic indicators as a foundation for managing complex patients or those who do not otherwise respond to classic, evidence-based drug regimens.

    Psychiatric-Mental Health

    Patients often view the primary care setting as more acceptable or accessible for mental health care than a specialty setting. Therefore, primary care NPs are on the front lines for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. Research trials consistently demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated care for mental disorders; yet, primary care providers and systems are overburdened, and clinicians sometimes lack knowledge and confidence to practice to the full scope of their NP roles. This topical area provides information to improve the delivery of mental health services in primary care; likewise, it enhances and extends the skill set for the competent mental health provider.

  • Registration Information

    Registration Information

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    Cancellation and registration policies may be found on the Terms and Policies tab. If you have a question about registration, please contact AANP.

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  • CE Sessions

    The CE You Need, Available Online!

    Choose from 40 select, prerecorded CE sessions from the 2023 AANP Fall Conference! The on-demand package offers CE sessions that can be viewed on your schedule throughout the entire conference period.

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    Presentation Handouts

    To access handouts for the sessions in which you are registered, navigate to the information page of each individual CE session. Then, select the materials tab, and click on the handouts link to view and download your handouts.

  • 2023 AANP Fall Conference Committee Members

    Thank You to the 2023 AANP Fall Conference Committee Members

    AANP appreciates your dedication in planning and providing advice regarding this conference schedule.

    Colleen Walsh-Irwin, DNP, RN, ANP-BC, AACC, EBP-C, FAANP

    Frank Manole, DNP, MSN, MBA, ACNP-BC, FAANP
    Board of Directors Liaison

    Theresa M. Campo, DNP, APRN, FAANP, FAAN
    Staff Liaison

    Rebecca Graves, PhD, NP-C, FAANP
    Susanne Astrab Fogger, DNP, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, FAANP
    Melanie Gibbons Hallman, DNP, CRNP, CNS, FAEN, FAANP, FAAN
    Paula Tucker, DNP, FNP-BC, ENP-C, FAANP
    Kristene Diggins, DNP, FAANP, MBA, CNE, NEA-BC

  • Terms and Policies

    2023 AANP Fall Conference On-Demand Terms and Policies

    Your participation in the 2023 Fall National Conference is subject to the following terms and conditions. Thank you for choosing AANP for your high-quality, NP education needs.

    Cancellations and Refunds

    All cancellation requests must be submitted to AANP no later than 11:59 p.m. ET (10:59 p.m. CT) on Monday, July 24, 2023. No refunds will be granted after this date. A refund will then be issued minus a $75 administrative fee or a $25 administrative fee for student registrations (entry-level student members only).

    Request Cancellation

    If you have a question about your registration, please contact AANP:

    Questions: Visit the AANP Help Center.
    Phone: 512-442-4262
    10 a.m.-6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
    Fax: 512-442-6469
    Mail: American Association of Nurse Practitioners
    P.O. Box 12846
    Austin, TX 78711

  • Conference FAQs

    What are the dates of the on-demand conference?

    The on-demand conference will be available Sept. 13 through Oct. 18, 2023.

    How long will the sessions be available to view on-demand?

    On-demand sessions will be available beginning on Sept. 13 and will be available through Oct. 18.

    What happens after I register?

    A receipt will be emailed to you after you complete your registration. Once the on-demand conference officially opens on Sept. 13, you will receive an email with instructions, including information on how to log in, how to access the online platform and other pertinent information.

    When will registration for the on-demand conference close?

    Registration closes on Oct. 11 at 11:59 p.m. ET (10:59 p.m. CT).

    How many contact hours of CE are available with this online conference?

    An attendee can earn more than 40 CH of CE during this online conference. The program is currently pending approval for CE and pharmacology credit by AANP.

    What is the registration cancellation policy?

    All cancellation requests must be submitted to AANP no later than 11:59 p.m. ET (10:59 p.m. CT) on Monday, July 24, 2023; no refunds will be granted after this date. If a request is received by this deadline, a refund will then be issued, less a $75 administrative fee or a $25 administrative fee for student registrations (entry-level student members only).

    Request Cancellation