Specialty Practice Groups

Interactive Communities Based on Your Interests

Specialty Practice Groups (SPGs) are communities within AANP organized around therapeutic areas and professional interests. Designed to support discussion, document sharing, collaboration and networking, each SPG maintains a dedicated online forum where you can instantly connect with like-minded NP colleagues and share information—all in the pursuit of providing the best care to your patients.

All AANP members are encouraged to join one or more SPG to deepen your knowledge, expand your network and help progress the development of theory and practice in key areas of health care.

Current Specialty Practice Groups

AANP currently offers 17 SPGs, communities within AANP that share common goals in advancing knowledge and professional development in select areas.

“They're easy to access and there's such a variety for whatever you need. You can find any interest that you may have or any specialty that you want to improve upon.”

—Stacia Hays, DNP, CPNP-PC, CNE
Member since 2013

Ready to Join an SPG?

You must be a current member of AANP to join SPGs. SPGs are only $20 each annually, prorated to your remaining membership term.

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